Common Reasons Why Dogs Get Tooth Extractions

Common Reasons Why Dogs Get Tooth Extractions

Many pet owners do not know that oral health is as essential to their dogs as it is to people. It is true that brushing your dog’s teeth is not customarily as you would on your own, but there are a lot of items we can do to maintain their oral health. We can give them minerals and vitamin supplements, avoid giving them hard food and toys, and regular veterinary oral check-ups. However, there are some instances that may cause oral problems. These circumstances may call for emergency dental treatments.

Conditions That Need Dental Extractions

Dental extractions in pets are common. These extractions are typically caused by bad dental health, accidents, and health conditions. These veterinary dental procedures are a required action in treating problems that prescription might not resolve. Being able to familiarize yourself with specific conditions that might require tooth extraction from a Pet Vet Battlewood clinic can be a considerable benefit.

We need to understand the issues that need to be addressed by tooth extraction in order to understand the value of this procedure. Tooth extraction can resolve the condition and also prevent further pain and discomfort felt by your dog. If you are interested in what conditions need dental extractions, here are some conditions and instances that need it;

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a common concern that our pets might experience. This illness is induced by bacteria that infect the oral cavity of our pets. This problem reveals its signs and symptoms when it has spread completely. Our dog might experience pain and swelling. This disease can also result in weakened bones that support their teeth. A dental extraction from a veterinary dentistry Franklin clinic might be the only solution that can resolve this issue.

Orthodontic Abnormalities

The teeth alignment of our pet might also be a reason why a dental extraction is needed. When their teeth grow in a way that collides with other teeth, this triggers pain and swelling of the gums. Getting your pet to a veterinary dental expert when you observe abnormalities is an excellent idea.

Oral Trauma

Oral trauma can also be a cause of tooth extractions. This injury might be caused by accidents where your dog’s teeth might be harmed; this causes pain and can not be repaired. Having damaged teeth extracted will resolve this issue.

Oral Tumors

Oral tumors are a problem that is challenging to see. These tumors may go unnoticed for a long time until it becomes huge enough to see. These situations are intricate and need internal medicine veterinarians to diagnose. Addressing these tumors may be as simple as a tooth extraction to surgery. You can go to a vet clinic’s website and find here the information you need.


Oral health is something that needs to be focused on for our pets. Their mouths are tools that they use for everything they do. When issues with their dental health arise, getting support from vets would be the only option. Our pets might experience health conditions or accidents that might need dental extractions or surgeries. These cases must be urgently attended to because they cause pain and discomfort to our dogs. Being able to prevent our dog from experiencing these issues is something a responsible pet owner ought to do.