Rain Song List: 4 Fantastic Songs to Jam When It’s Raining

Rain Song List: 4 Fantastic Songs to Jam When It’s Raining

Rain seems to split individuals into two camps: those that love it and those who hate it. Rainfall can be uplifting and refreshing for some individuals, while it can likewise be uninspiring and sad for others. The point is that whether you delight in rain or dislike it, listening to great music might allow you to lift your spirits and make the most of a gloomy day.

Terrific Songs to Listen to When It’s Raining

Rainy days have a special appeal to them, whether to stimulate memories of days gone by or give a burst of comfort. Rainy days, undeniably, bring with them various moods. Such days usually demand the collection of a fresh playlist, and below are the ideal songs to jam to.

“World$tar Money” by Joji

Joji began his profession as a comedian and rose to fame on YouTube with Filthy Frank’s character. Nonetheless, he claimed in late 2017 that he would give up making humor due to psychological health problems. Since then, he has concentrated on making music.

On the surface, this ukulele-driven track might seem a conventional love song, but the lyrics expose that Joji is questioning his mental stability. He does an outstanding job of transforming a sad song into something harmonious and pleasurable. This music relaxes certain individuals, especially when the weather is gloomy.

“Suitcase” by Jacob Lee

Do you have someone fantastic in your life for whom you’re working hard, and you’re driving in the rain thinking about them? Then there’s this song, which is perfect for couples driving in the rain and thinking of someone they appreciate. Some people take pleasure in listening to “Suitcase” in the rain; nonetheless, if the song appears to be slow, a nightcore style makes the music a lot more rock-oriented.

Although some individuals prefer the nightcore version, the impact of the lyrics is when heard in the rain. Take note that you should also check your house for damage during this kind of weather. While you jam to this song, ensure your family and your house safety first for more information.

“Run With Me” by Sunwoo Jung-A

Sunwoo Jung-A’s exquisite voice tones shine particularly vibrantly in “Run With Me” in the world of kpop. When you want emotional support, this song resembles a friend who will be there for you every action of the way to allow you to get your life back on the right track.

The song begins with a fragile whisper, grows into a complete belting, and ends with the dying murmurs, “Let’s go with me right now/ Let’s run away.”

“Drop Pop Candy” (English Cover) by Kuraiinu + JubyPhonic

JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu join forces in this duet to take us on a date in the rain. In times of depression, you can always count on positive and uplifting music to raise your spirits. Drop pop candy’s pair isn’t terrified to go out in bad weather if it means they can spend time with each other.

They utilize the rain to draw closer to each other. You can’t help but want to jump into the next puddle you see when the beautiful verses are combined with JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu’s voices. On the other hand, check your area for possible mold infestation after a long downpour of rain. Hire a restoration firm that offers mold removal services to help you get rid of it safely.


Turn up the volume and explore a new realm of musical enlightenment rather than letting the rain get you down. When you don’t want the ambiance of the rain, just remember to listen to this music collection. You’ll be caught looking out the window and listening to the rain if you do not.