The World’s Strongest Animal!

The World’s Strongest Animal!

Hey kids, if you held a competition to discover the strongest animal on the planet, who would you believe the winner could be? Can it be an elephant? Or possibly a giant squid? If we left all of the animals the same dimensions to ensure it is a fair competition, the winner is a creature that may lift 850 times its own weight. Imagine carrying about 850 of your pals!

Have you guessed it? The most powerful creature on the planet… is a beetle!

Beetles are amazing insects. There are far more species of beetle than any other type of living thing. In reality, 1 quarter of all known forms of life on Earth are beetles!

Beetles all share the same basic shape: they have a tough exoskeleton, a human body with six legs, and 2 pairs of wings. The front set is tough, like a shell, making a protective covering over the fragile inner tails.

We can normally tell beetles apart with this difficult wing cover. By way of instance, among the most well-known beetles, the ladybird or ladybug has a reddish wing cover with black stains. Some wing covers could be exceedingly lovely, in bright metallic colors which produce the beetle seem like a tiny gem. An interesting fact about beetles is that they discard this outer shell because they expand, and you’ll be able to discover empty cubes attached to trees as well as the undersides of leaves should you look closely.


The most powerful beetle is that the rhinoceros beetle, which receives its title from the horn in the very front of its mind. The rhinoceros beetle is truly the strongest animal on the planet – it is the only one capable of raising 850 times its own weight. Even rodents, which are famed for their strength, may only raise 50 times their own weight.

Among the strangest looking beetles is your stag beetle. Its jaws are so large they look like the antlers onto a bull! They eat bark and leaves, but they’re also able to produce a powerful bite if you try to irritate them so it is ideal to leave them alone.

Some beetles even prefer to swim. Whirlygig beetles float on the surface of the water and spin in circles whenever they are fearful. 1 interesting fact about whirlygigs is that should they will need to dive underwater they require a bubble of air together so they can remain under!

Some cultures see beetles as sacred. Scarab beetles are just one sort of sacred beetle. Still another name for scarab beetles is dung beetles, since they collect a ball of dung, move into a secure location, place their eggs in the dung, and as soon as the eggs hatch, the beetle larvae eat the dung! They reside in Egypt where the desert meets the farmland, and in addition, this is the area where Egyptian burials occur. As a result of this, as well as the infant beetles’ habit of popping abruptly from a ball of dung, they came to signify eternal life into the early Egyptians. There’s an ancient Egyptian narrative that claims that the sun is rolled throughout the sky by a giant scarab god!

So the next time you see a beetle when you are outside for a stroll, stop a minute to give it your own respects. After all, beetles may lift over every other creature, become submarines, and roll sunlight throughout the sky: which deserves a round of applause!

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