Space Technology – Vital to Our Future

Space Technology – Vital to Our Future

When it comes to developing as a civilization, expanding the frontiers of Space Technology is essential to our technological advancement as a population. This science can be overlooked and a few authorities are cutting back onto it because of how expensive they perceive it to be.

A few of the more recent Space Projects that may not happen are the Space unturned to wash up space crap and orbital debris, in addition to the James Webb Space Telescope which could discover new Earth-like planets. The James Webb Telescope would be a far more advanced substitute for the Hubble Telescope and could help us better understand the universe.

Problems orbiting Earth

In orbit, you will find over 20,000 satellites, phase 1 shuttle components, and other bits of metal at the orbit of the planet. Job Space Fence could have been set out to help clean up these, and possibly recycle the components. A number of these are not only in a dangerously low orbit but often collide with one another to form debris. To get the most latest news about space visit

The orbital space debris that is plaguing our reduced orbit is becoming increasingly dangerous for us. The NASA UARS satellite dropped to the ground in September which was among the biggest satellites to fall from space. All the space junk orbiting earth could account for around $300 billion in funds and continues to collect every time we send more distance shuttles into space. With collisions to other space satellites and debris, these items split apart to form smaller pieces of debris that are not only harder to wash but are equally as harmful if impregnated with a shuttle.

Space Technology

Expand the Borders of the Knowledge

As a civilization, we’re here today due to the research that previous generations made as a way to render their mark on history. They planned and helped in building the base to secure our future.

As taxpayers, we must guarantee that researching and investing in distance technology to enhance our technology both in space and on Earth. Advances and advancements in space technology are put on hold because of insufficient investments that have gone towards applied research. If more emphasis was put on this then Space Technology would have a better foundation to implement safer and more cost-effective options.

A Big Project from NASA

Among those other NASA, projects is that the possible research and development of a space cab, aided by Boeing Co… The strategy is to utilize the Kennedy Space Center processing hanger as the location to begin the construction of these space taxis. These futuristic shuttles would be used for military, industrial, and residential purposes. Many exciting things are happening around Space Technology, Space Habitats, and forthcoming Space Stations in the years to come; it would be a pity if NASA’s funding gets cut and will be unable to continue with other nations.

A problem with the current state and evolution of space technology is the reports of NASA funds being cut. According to a Washington Times report, this really is a possibility that has made many scientists mad. If NASA’s budget has cut then the US will reduce the momentum that it’s been gaining over the decades growing and initiating new technology to expand the frontiers of science.

Why we should Encourage Space Technology

Each of the efforts that NASA put into the Mars missions will be halted which might be devastating for the US. Space Technology is obviously important and leads to breakthroughs like the laws of gravitation with atomic fusion.

The most essential part is that it helps inspire individuals of all ages to enhance themselves and look to the stars. Whether it motivates kids to think more about educational subjects like science, math, technology, or those people who dream of a better tomorrow.